Change is Good

Change is Good

TLDR: The verdict is out- Late to the party but I like the newer MBP Keyboards

Last week I had the *cough* privilege to use my old 2012 MacBook Pro (MBP) because of some screen issue with my current babe. I was reminded of how sturdy and durable they were made before they decided to throw all that into the bin.
The 2012 MBP is significantly heavier than the 2018 MBP, even when the later one is a 15″ model. So I had my back arched while carrying the old thing around (please remember that I carry almost everything in my bag. I’ve been suggested that if I were to just add a quilt, it would make me camping-ready). However, I cannot imagine spilling water on my current MBP and put $3600+ down the drain. The old one, on the other hand, has endured some spills here and there.
And there’s the keyboard. I made a facebook post recently, praising the nice ol’ keyboard which actually pressed while typing. But after just a day, I felt tired. I wanted the Butterfly™keyboard back, and I wanted it NOW. I was reminded of the light switch in the bathroom whenever I used the old keyboard.


I like the short distance taps on the keyboard on the new one. Though I must say that the old keyboard was quiet as f*ck. The Butterfly™on the other hand- one might end up waking the whole neighbourhood if they were to start writing an essay in the middle of the night. Also thanks dear fruit company for the keyboard replacement programme.

At this point I’m just glad that I got the screen replaced within a couple of days. I’d like to thank the spirit of Jobs for the quick service and my friends who have been supportive during this harsh period. 

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