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Now Now… I know it’s been a while since I last wrote my blog. But during that period I wrote a couple of travel blogs (I still haven’t finished those :/ ), participated in Peter Ferrell Cup (PFC) and pitched a few times.

My last few pitches have been ok-ish. In fact, I finished the presentation for a pitch night at MCIC only a couple of hours before the event. So, I had not much time to practice. But every pitch has been a stepping stone and I have improved quite a bit.

The pitch for PFC went rather well and despite my lizard brain’s best efforts, I managed to pull it off pretty much smoothly. Alas, we did not qualify the first round. This failure has given me even more reason to buckle down and work harder on the idea.

Peter Ferrell Cup has been an eyeopener and quite a learning experience. The best thing that came out of it was my mentor. Mike Biagio is an attorney at Baxter IP. He has helped me realise the potential of the idea that we had been working on. He has also provided some valuable inputs and made me look at the idea from different perspectives. After we got disqualified from PFC, Mike continues to be my mentor and helps me stay motivated.

I also got a minute to pitch at NSW International Students Pitch Night at Haymarket HQ. Unfortunately, I had submitted my slides a bit too late, but I managed to convince one of the organisers (?) Terry Hilsberg to let me do an elevator pitch (others had 5mins + 3mins of questions). Terry is a Venture Partner at Innohub Capital and seemed to have enjoyed my elevator pitch because he later asked me to send my pitch deck.

Last week was quite eventful and was one weird rollercoaster ride. I had a fallout with my now ex-cofounders, and it turned pretty sour. Fortunately, there’s no IP involved. But I feel more confident and unrestrained than ever before in my journey as an entrepreneur. If not anything else, the fallout made it clear that I have plenty of well-wishers to whom I am thankful.

I am thinking of starting a YouTube channel with a friend of mine and illustrate some stupid ideas that I get while daydreaming. I’ll keep you guys updated on that. Cheers.

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