Finally, A Reward!

Finally, a reward after a really really long time!

After working on the problem that students and lecturers face in the classroom which to name a few include communication barrier and less to no feedback for the lecturer after every lecture, I finally received a reward for my efforts: I got my first thankyou email!!!!!

So, here’s a bit of background:
My now ex-cofounders and I decided to part ways. I suppose it wasn’t the best match considering we only met at a hackathon and decided to continue working together. This was something very recent and I felt pretty lost after that. While I was at MCIC, one of the new staff members there- Afonso suggested that I should transcribe a lecture recording and see what feedback I get, and that could act like an MVP as well.

And so, I decided to type down every word that I could make out from the Echo360 lecture recording. I used to transcribe the audio so that I had something to work on, rather than starting with a blank canvas (or a Word document). I spent over 5 hours correcting what had transcribed and then spent another hour or so screenshotting the corresponding presentation slides on Echo360 and inserting the correct time-stamp.

I hadn’t anticipated the amount of time, so I had promised Afonso that I’d complete it the same day (Tuesday 5th Nov). Finally, I published the document on Moodle discussion on Friday morning, 2 days past my deadline. Mind you, the lecture that I transcribed was held on 28th October. I had assumed that there would be very few who would actually read the transcription given that this was a week-old lecture already.

But on Saturday evening/night, I get this email from one of the students which made everything worth it:

I am not sure if the girl actually knew about Echo360, so I did inform her of that in my reply. She was grateful nevertheless. So I hope that several others who had trouble understanding the lecturer from just his voice found the transcript useful.

This one response was all that I needed to lose my mind and share it with some of my friends right after reading it! Also, I am supposed to be working on an essay for an assignment but I couldn’t contain myself so I wrote this blog.

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