Thanking the Bus Driver in India

An international student returns to India and nearly causes a riot

A BEST Bus during peak hours

Getting down from a crowded bus is something every person from Bombay is used to. On the evening of 7th December however, Bombay-ites witnessed an unusual, and to describe in the words of the witnesses, downright degrading event.

A 25-year-old local had returned back to his hometown of Bombay for the break. After having spent over a year in the brutal environment of Australia, a country known for its terrifying wildlife like spiders, crocodiles and outback humans, the man had developed some outrageous habits.

As the man got down from the BEST bus, he managed to take one deep breath and shouted, “Thank you!” towards the bus driver. The loud chatter in the bus suddenly stopped as some people struggled to breathe in the now oxygen-deprived atmosphere.

One man, who wished to remain unnamed because of the fear of being called “na-mard” (un-manly), claimed to have nearly fainted. Another woman said that the student occupied more space after breathing in air which nearly caused her to fall off the overpacked bus.

The man realised his gaffe and quickly got off the bus before the passengers could get violent and beat the shit out of him.

It is not clear if the bus driver actually heard the man. The conductor hinted that the driver may, in fact, be deaf as a result of constant honking and may not have heard the student.

In a country where public display of affection is frowned upon and carries a punishment of imprisonment, this action seems to have crossed all boundaries and caused the people to display rage and anger. Witnesses are still recovering from the incident and local police are in the process of questioning the student who nearly caused a riot.

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