Breathing in Sydney

The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was first of its kind. American astronauts from the Apollo spacecraft were to transfer to the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and meet the cosmonauts. However, the Apollo command module had an environment of pure oxygen at 1/3rd atmospheric pressure and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft used 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen at 1 atmospheric pressure. To overcome this challenge, the Russians lowered their air pressure and the Americans used a docking module to transfer between the two spacecraft.

Painting of crew, spacecraft, and launch rockets
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

The Air Quality Index or AQI for Mumbai this week has been around 150 (rated poor) whereas for Sydney it has been around 15 (rated good). If a person were to teleport between these two cities, it is likely that they would suffer some form of damage due to the sudden change in air quality. A person from Mumbai teleported to Sydney, for example, would probably lunge for the exhaust pipe of a passing vehicle or smoke a few cigarettes (which are marked at over 8 times the cost in India) just to compensate for the low air pollution in Sydney. On the other hand, a person from Sydney would probably have to carry a fresh-air tank if they were to be teleported. Else they would possibly suffocate.

I’m glad that passing through airports and travelling in aeroplanes moderates this transition, like the docking module in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, did.

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